ASP.NET MVC Folder Structure

Let us discuss the ASP.NET MVC Folder Structure.
Solution of the project contains lots of folders such as App_Data, App_Start, Controller, Content, etc.
Please find the below screenshot for your reference.

ASP.NET MVC Folder Structure

ASP.NET MVC Folder Structure
ASP.NET MVC Folder Structure


This folder contains database files such as .mdf, ora, etc.


This is the one important folder in the MVC project. It contains the below files.

  • BudleConfig.cs
  • FilterConfig.cs
  • RouteConfig.cs
  • Startup.Auth.cs

Find the below screenshot for the App_Start folder structure.

App_Start Folder


This folder contains all these style file or .css files.


This folder contains all these controller files. The file extension should be “Controller.cs”


This folder contains all the font style


This folder contains all model files


All these Javascript or script files stored under this folder


This folder contains all these UI related files such as “.CSHTML” files.


This is the image file and used for display on the browser.


This is one of the important file in MVC 5.0. It contains the application variable, methods, etc.
Application Method is registered the route config, bundle config, etc.


This is a configure file. It contains all these dependency details.


This file is one major file in the upcoming MVC framework. This file can able to replace the global.asax file.


This is one traditional file in .net framework. All you know this file contains configuration details such as DB connection string, App Setting, Framework detail etc.

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