.Net Interview Questions & Answers – Best TOP 10 (Day – 2)

.Net framework is one of the most widely used application development, and therefore .net framework skills are important in most work roles. .Net Interview Questions & Answers article, I will share with you some of the most frequently asked questions on .Net framework such as C#, ADO .NET, ASP.NET and ASP.Net MVC. This article is the perfect guide for you to learn all concepts related to .Net Framework.

.Net Interview Questions & Answers – Best TOP 10 (Day – 1)

What is an exe file? 

An executable or a “.exe” file is a runnable file of your software program. When you run it, the operating system will load the pages from “.exe” file into main memory to begin the program execution.

What is an dll file? 

 A “.dll” or a dynamically linked library file is a dependency. In other words, its a library that an executable file links with for the run-time resolution of symbols that executable is using. The “.dll” file is the Windows flavor of “.so” or shared object files on Linux. Because code from these libraries — functions and other symbols is not statically (compile time) linked with your program’s binary, the library file needs to be present in the system where you wish to run your executable. It is mapped into the virtual address space of your executable file. .Net Interview

What is the difference between an EXE and a DLL? 

Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) It can’t be execute independent or without the help of Exe file because It has not main method. It can able to call another dll file. A dll can never run in its own memory address space Executable File (EXE) It execute independent because It has main method. An exe cannot be shared with others applications. That means exe is not reusable An exe always runs in its own memory address space. .Net Interview

What is a Boxing ? 

Any type value or reference can be assigned to an object without an explicit conversion. It converts a value type into a reference type. Values are stored in the Stack first then moved to the heap. Data will not lose in this process. It is an implicit operation using type casting.

What is a Unboxing ?

It is the reverse process of boxing. It converts a reference type into a value type. Values are stored in the heap first then moved to the Stack. Data might be lost in this process. It is an explicit operation using type casting. .Net Interview

What is Data Encapsulation ?

 Encapsulation is the process of hiding irrelevant data (unnecessary data) from the end user. To understand encapsulation, consider an example of Bank ATM. Whenever you withdraw money from bank ATM, you don’t see how circuit board works. You are also not interested to know how it select note. These are the irrelevant information for the user, that’s why it is encapsulated inside a ATM screen.

.Net Interview Questions & Answers – Best TOP 10 (Day – 1)

What is Abstraction ?

Abstraction is just opposite of Encapsulation. Abstraction is mechanism to show only relevant data to the user. Consider the same Bank ATM. Whenever you withdraw money from bank ATM, you see their different types of functionalities as money withdraw option, change PIN, change mobile number etc. It is abstraction, because you are seeing only relevant information instead of their internal engineering. .Net Interview

Explain Inheritance in C# ?

Inheritance allows you to access members of base class in child class. It enables you to create a child class that can access and use all the functionality of its base class. This way you can keep common variable and functions in a base class and use them as many times as you want in child class. Code re-usability makes your program simpler and efficient. A class can inherit attributes and methods from existing class called base class or parent class. The class which inherits from a base class is called derived classes or child class.

Can Multiple Inheritance implemented in C# ?

In C#, derived classes can inherit from one base class only. If you want to inherit from multiple base classes, use interface. .Net Interview

What is Polymorphism in C# ?

When a message can be processed in different ways is called polymorphism. Polymorphism means many forms. The ability of a programming language to process objects in different ways depending on their data type or class is known as Polymorphism. There are two types of polymorphism Compile time polymorphism. Best example is Overloading Runtime polymorphism. Best example is Overriding

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